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The three original hosts of this show – Cithryth, Draculetta, and Ethelros – have been gaming together for a few years now. They first met as hosts for the LOTRO Players News podcast. In November 2014, Cithryth decided to start a Guild Wars 2 podcast because she was was so enamored with the game. Drac joined her and together they started Guild Wars Players News and its accompanying site, Guild Wars Players. Ethelros soon joined too.

After over 30 episodes, the trio decided that they wanted to start a new podcast without a network. After much deliberation and work, they started a new podcast from scratch in August of 2015 – Radio Free Tyria!

Our goal with this show is to have a good discussion about recent events, updates, and goings-on in the world of Guild Wars 2. None of us are min-maxers and the only thing any of us are ‘hardcore’ about is our love of the game… and maybe in-game fashion in Cithryth’s case. For that reason, we tend to cater our discussion to other casual players. We certainly have opinions about various aspects of the game though, so if you’re looking for an objective news podcast Radio Free Tyria might not be for you.

We welcome comments and discussions on this site and via our social media. Let us know what you think!

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