#13 – Guild Hell

With the holiday season winding down, we finally have a bit of news to discuss! We chat about the current state of guild halls and PvP and what we’re hoping for in the future.

I also just want to apologize for the audio quality of this episode. We’re going to be trying out a new recording method that will hopefully make the audio better for editing (and also make it so Cithryth doesn’t spend 2+ hours editing each episode!).

2 opinions on “#13 – Guild Hell”

  1. I finally looked up the requirements for creating a legendary (HOPE in my case). Holy paraboly this is off the charts! I guess I’ll keep my difficult-but-attainable goal to be something like “get an ascended backpiece” or “get the ingredients for changing an asc weapon’s stats in the MF”.

    1. That’s definitely a good start! I made a handful of Mystic Forge weapons (Spirit Links, Reaver of the Mists, etc) and Mawdrey before I started working towards Twilight. It’s a good challenge ramp up, I think. Good luck!

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