Schedule Change – Monday 5PM EST

This post has been a long time coming! Both Ethelros and my schedules are finally a bit more stable so we’ve been able to decide on a new time to record and stream the weekly podcast live. As you’ve probably guessed, Saturday at 6PM EST wasn’t working out for us anymore. We will now be live streaming the podcast recording every Monday at 5PM US Eastern time!

We know that’s probably not convenient for everyone, and we’re very sorry if it means you won’t be able to make it to our live shows. Unfortunately, awkward scheduling times are the reality of a podcast whose hosts literally live in opposite time zones. To make up for it, my goal is for the podcast to be available in audio form on Tuesday mornings, so less waiting around for the audio after we’ve recorded. Additionally, now that we have a better idea of our own schedules there’s a higher likelihood that we’ll be able to stream more gameplay stuff on Twitch (y’know… besides the podcast!).

Hopefully many of you can still make it to the live show, and hey, maybe we’ll start seeing new faces at this time! Either way, we’re both really thankful for all the support shown to us by our listeners and by ArenaNet. We’re taking this week off from the show since there’s not that much news but you can expect the next show to go live on Twitch on Monday, March 7 at 5PM US Eastern time.

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